Nabil Sabdullah

A Full Stack Developer Specializing in WordPress Development

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Hi! I am Nabil

I strive to help entrepreneurs level up their businesses by providing them a quality yet affordable web design and development services. I love doing this because realizing that I can help people while learning and earning is indeed an achievement for me. Helping is essential in making this world a nice place to live in. I aim to give huge value to my prospective clients and to achieve this, I exert my utmost effort by updating and upgrading my skills almost everyday. I make sure that I can only make websites for them that are prone to attract more customers.


Get to know what I can offer with you at an affordable rates

  • Web Design

    I design creatively following the design principles.

  • Web Development

    I write clean, symantec, and optimized code for a better site performance.

  • Consulting

    I aim to answer your questions about website creation, maintenance and optimization.


Get to know where I finished my bachelor's degree.


Mindanao State University - Main Campus

This course studies interactions among states, and all movements people, goods, services, and ideas across national frontier. It covers international politics, international organizations, world economy, foreign policy and diplomacy. This is a perfect course for aspiring diplomats like consuls, vice-consuls, consular agents, chargé d'affaires, and most of all ambassadors.

As a student of this field, if you study hard or smart, you will find yourself becoming more aware of your surroundings especially in terms of international issues. You will be broadminded as this requires broadmindedness.

My Life in college

My journey during my college days was not a rocket science. Every day was a struggle for me in my subjects and other problems such as whether problems and most of all illness. The pressure was always there as almost all my subjects especially Math subjects were quite difficult for some reasons. Moreover, it was more difficult when end of semester had arrived in the sense that I needed to look for my instructors as soon as possible to verify my grades and they were hard to find often times. I had to make sure that if I incurred INC in some of my subjects, I need to complete it as soon as possible to avoid the risk of being underloaded in enrolled subjects for the next semester as underloaded means extension of duration of my stay in college which was not good for me. Overall, despite all the challenges that came may way which gave me ups and downs, I saw them as change agent that made myself stronger. That was indeed a journey to treasure as inspiration into making myself even better.


Get to know my skills set and my level of competency.

  • Web Design/Photoshop

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • Bootstrap

  • Responsive Design

  • MySQL

  • WordPress

  • PHP

  • JQuery

  • Website Optimization

  • SQL

  • Rest API

  • AJAX


Get to know the sample of my works


    It’s an online store that sells female hand bags and has different way of accepting payments from buyeres.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    Theme: Shop Isle, Child Theme
    Plugins: WooCoommerce, Caldera Form, Beaver Builder, Recently and Most View Product, Jetpack, OrbitFox



    It is a platform where you can find best real estate properties which you can buy if you want. Property type available in this site at the moment is residential properties from SM Development Corporation. You can find all SMDC properties and see what makes those great.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    Theme: : Accesspress Parallax, Child Theme
    Plugins: Easy Property Listings, Easy Listings Map, Caldera Form, WPDevArt Facebook Comments, Jetpack



    A multi-level marketing platform that has up to third level referral system. It is a custom CMS built from scratch. I learned a lot in this previous project.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    HTML/5, CSS/3, Javascript, JQuery, Media Queries, PHP, SQL, MySQL


    Note: This site is no longer live in the internet but I have the source code in my own server and computer which I can show you if you want.


    An Indonesian based blog site in which you can find articles about food and destinations. It is own by an Indonesian blogger Meira Karla Farhana.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    Theme: Custom Theme
    Plugins: Super Socializer, Jetpack, newsletter subscriber


    Note: This site is no longer live in the internet but I have the source code in my own server and computer which I can show you if you want.


    A responsive blog template I develop as part of my learning curve in web design and development.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    HTML/5, CSS/3, JQuery, Media Queries



    A responsive resume template I develop as part of my learning curve in web design and development. It is inspired by a resume template. I liked the design but I only take a few components of it and made my own template that is different from it.

    Tools I Used to Build It
    Theme: Custom Theme
    Plugins: Super Socializer, Jetpack


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is your bachelor's degree not related to what you're offering?

    I decided to shift my career into web development when I had watched a video about programming/coding which talked about what is programming and why everyone should learn it. Since that day, I started to get curious about the stuff as it really inspired me to realize the power of technology and programming.

  • Why did you choose web development instead of other platforms and how did you learn it?

    I have chosen to learn web development, which is part of programming industry, because an IT guy who is a friend of mine told me that web development has a lot perks than other platform such as desktop and mobile platform. Also, I utilize great resources from the internet to learn the stuff. Quality tutorials from Youtube, Udemy, Udacity, W3Schools, and Tutorialspoint, and others have been my source of learning.

  • What gives you an edge over other developers?

    I believe my attention to details, patience, curiousity, passion, resourcefulness, lack of laziness, and lifelong learning abilities or nature are what makes me your one-stop developer.

  • How do you handle a website project from start to finish?

    I'll tell you the steps I always do to get the project done. Firstly, I'll gather essential details about the project such as name, type, deadline, color scheme, and images(if client has images in place). Secondly, I research the topnotch websites which is related to the project I'll build. I'll analyze what makes it really nice and successful and then I'll get an inspiration from that. Thirdly, If I would not use a template, I'll create wireframe and design of the project and then build it. And if I would use a template, I'll figure out how I can make it unique to the project in terms of design and functionality, and then I'll start developing it. Fourthly, after finishing it, I'll upload the project to my staging server for the client to see and get his/her feedback and so we can make revisions with it. Fifthly, I'll improve the project based on the client's feedback and then re-upload the update to my server. Sixthly, if everything is okay, I'll move the project to the client's own server/hosting and then update pages and sections content. Finally, after the final project launch, I'll provide a 1 week support to the client's website which means that if the client encounters a bug in his/her site, I'll fix such bugs.

  • If your previous clients call or message you to help them fix issues they encounter with their websites you built for them, how do you respond to them?

    I'll respond politely and help him/her fix such issues so as to make the site functional and running smoothly again.

  • What are typical features of a website a client would get using your service?

    I will make sure that a client will be satisfied by making sure he/she gets a website which is good looking, GDPR compliant, well coded, secure, SEO friendly, responsive, and high performance. These features must be included in a any website as it is essential for its success.

  • Why Should anyone hire you for a job?

    Because I believe that I'm a problem solver and honest entrepreneur. I strive to provide solutions to my clients rather than exuses, and be transparent as possible.

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Phone 09126341873


Skype nabilsabdullah